In 2014, the lack of appropriate recognition for Young African Change Makers and Institutions across and beyond the continent motivated us to launch the Africa Youth Awards. By recognising this need, we came together, drew up a plan and decided to embark on this amazing initiative to celebrate African Youth excellence, and give African youth the recognition that they deserve. Hopefully we can inspire and empower African youth by sharing these success stories.

Today, we are glad we didn’t just start an African youth initiative but we created a change agency, which has began setting the record straight on the strides and achievements of young people and institutions from Africa that are contributing to African youth empowerment.

Africa Youth Awards 2015 - The Journey so Far We are also contributing immensely to the continuously changing narrative about the potentials and works of these young people; most of them are already receiving recognition and opportunities across the Globe.

2015 also became the year, which showed our hard work and dedication to serving young people across the continent is being recognised.

We had Mr. Terser Adamu officially joining us as a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. With him he brought on board a wide range of experience from the various industries that he has worked in and excelled. He also runs the biggest Nigerian Entrepreneurship Blog

We also launched our website: and started our social media marketing campaign across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which has brought us very close to all of our followers and fellow Africans.

Africa Youth Awards

Africa Youth Awards 2015 – Voting!

In August 2015, we launched and officially opened nominations for the 2015 Africa Youth Awards, which in a month saw 257 Young Africans and institutions nominated from 26 countries. This was a 400% increase in nominations in comparison to our first year; this empahsises the phenomenal growth and strides achieved by all Africans and us.

20 Days after public voting opened in November, enthusiasm swept the whole continent, and social media was buzzing with news of the Africa Youth Awards. Africans from all corners of the globe flocked to our website and cast their votes. During this period we received over 20,000 votes across 15 categories.

On the 1st of January 2016 we will be announcing the various distinguished young personalities and institutions that Africa has voted for to receive the prestigious 2015 Africa Youth Awards.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far

I would personally like to express my profound gratitude to Emmanuel Asieme Ayine (VP) and Terser Adamu (COO) for all the support that they have shown towards this institution growing it from scratch to where it is today as the most distinguished honour for Young Africans.

Our appreciation also goes to the Jury, who have taken charge of supervising the process throughout the year whilst attending to their full time jobs and extremely busy schedules.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in Advance.

Thanks for the support so far, from the Africa Youth Awards team.