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During this exclusive blog post we discuss all things dreams, achievements and success with none other than Patrick K. Atsu

Africa Youth Awards: From Dreamer to Achiever

From Dreamer to Achiever

“Everyone can be successful but not everyone will be successful”

To become a successful person in Africa is not always limited by the family or the environment you are born in. The same parameters that affect others negatively, affect others too positively. That is the propelling factor to their success. So how do we conclude that we have limitations to success? To become successful is a decision – You must be determined and tell yourself, “I want to become a success!” This declaration can spike off your spiritual and emotional component that initiate you through a journey that will help you develop another eye to see those obstacles and strategize ways to surmount them.

Africa Youth Awards: From Dreamer to AchieverThis is a decision I took against all odds some years ago when my dad advised me against counting on any man to make me become successful. He said, “no one can make you successful; not even me. You need to PAVE YOUR OWN WAY and Trust in God”. This “treasure” got me to fight my way through to my humble achievements. From a village of no electricity with a source of drinking water from bilharzia-full streams, I work with one of the Power Generation Companies in Ghana as an Electrical Technician Engineer.

My name is Patrick K. Atsu born in Volta Region in a very small village called Dekpor near Weta. I started my basic school in this village and later moved to Agbozume for the continuation of my education. This is where leadership roles begun for me as I was humbly elected to serve in the office of the school prefect.

I proceeded to one of the best secondary schools in the Volta Region–Keta Secondary School where I studied Technical Science. After teaching for a few months in the capital of Ghana, Accra, I had admission to study Electrical / Electronic engineering at Accra Poly in the year 2007.

In Keta Secondary School, I again served in leadership as the President of the Cultural Troupe, Organizer of the Bright Future Art Foundation and the school’s Agriculture Prefect.
Apart from serving as the Communication Director of Engineers without Borders–Accra Poly Chapter, I was also the President of Dzolalian Tertiary Network, Accra-Poly Chapter.

Today, I am a poet, a writer, or better put I am an author with a book published to my credit. (The opening quote is from the book I authored with the title “From Dreamer to Achiever”). I love music and therefore write and compose music too.

I believe my purpose on earth is vanity if I do not give the next generation of Africans the platform to bring out their God-given talents and support them in the achievement of their dreams. I met people whose dreams and development opportunities were restricted by circumstances such as lack of the right platform and environment.

I attended many auditions to become an actor. Even though today, I no longer believe I am born for the screen, I think God made me go through the hassles in order to let me see the bigger picture. He wanted me to know how ladies are taken advantage of and men are ignored in the pursuit of their talents. In lieu of this passion, I craved and established a production company that trains a lot of young men and women who have the passion in art. I have trained more than a hundred people for the screen.

Africa Youth Awards: From Dreamer to Achiever

By the grace of God, I am currently on the editing bench for a film I wrote and directed. The film stars actors such as Ekow Smith Asante, Madam Dzifa Glikpoe, Solomon Sampah, David Dontoh and four lecturers from university of Ghana-Legon. Also, my film production (PatrickMay Film Productions) also does short videos, musical videos, and wedding videos as well.

In life, there is nothing unachievable. If it can be dreamt of, then it can be achieved. Find the dream, look out for ways to achieve it and live it.

I believe in this generation so much that I know they carry the EYES and the HANDS of God to see and bring into existence what God dreams for the earth.

“Failures think impossibilities in possibilities” – Patrick K. Atsu

Quoted from the book “From Dreamer to Achiever”