Damien Mouzoun originally from Benin republic in West Africa with Rwanda and East Africa dual citizenship by default from marriage. He studied his masters in social innovation management at the Amani Institute Kenya  (www.amaniinstitute.org) after which he founded the Ayina Think Tank (www.ayinathinktank.rw), he is an active member of Rotary International (www.rotary.org)
Damien Mouzoun has led an incredible selfless life for change and transformation in Africa, at a very young age where he has been advocating for peace, human dignity and respect, economical empowerment, socio-entrepreneurship and regional integration in Africa within 44 countries across the continent.
He is known and admired for his wisdom, service above self and contribution to community quality education from the bottom up without propaganda. Having spent his teenager age in exile in Ghana away from his home country Benin where he fought for quality education, government responsibility and justice as college students leader without even formal authority like one of his invisible mentors Mahatma Gandhi of India; Damien Mouzoun through his positive revenge and contribution to the society is most likely to become the next Nelson Mandela from Africa where he is still taking greater risks for human dignity, peace and prosperity with his Think Tank Foundation.
Damien Mouzoun’s motivational book is titled “Africa is my combat” by his uncle Amoussou Bruno (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Amoussou).
In 2017 Africa Youth Awards named him among the 100 Most Influential Young Africans, an initiative instituted to promote African youth movements and achieving and also restoring excellence in the works of young people across Africa.