Gwendolyne Halle is a medical microbiologist, a model, an entrepreneur, a poet/writer and an African hairstyle activist. she is also known as The hair doctor, the hair maniac, mama Africa etc

As an African hairstyle activist – She takes pride in enhancing, stimulating, and promoting African hairstyles especially hairstyles with thread, which have been buried/lost by western culture due to ignorance, mental hair slavery (enthralment) etc. She holds a BSc in Medical Microbiology from the University of Leeds and an MA in Business Administration (specialisation in International Business) from the Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Her company Health and Medical Empire is over 3 years and 8 months old and my hair health brand – KeraManiaK (KMK)® is 3 years old.  She has obtained the trademark for my hair health brand – KeraManiaK (KMK)®. In December 2016, she opened the KMK healthy hair parlour in Douala, Cameroon to treat and care for all hair diseases/infections/problems and plait only African hairstyles especially hairstyles with thread.

Gwendolyne Halle started her modelling career in 2010 while working for a London based Artist and Painter. Presently, she took her modelling career to another level when she started marketing her hair health brand – KeraManiaK (KMK). Her inspiration to start this hair health brand came from her own hair experiences and the unhealthy hair existing among many Cameroon women. Hence, she has a lot of ambition for her company Health and Medical Empire as there several underdeveloped markets in the Cameroon’s health industry which she intends to explore.  She has always wanted to improve the quality of people’s lives and being an entrepreneur gives her the opportunity to improve the health industry in Cameroon.

Gwendolyne Halle loves reading and takes pride in being a creative writer. She uses her writing talent and skills to sensitize and educate people. Her write-ups incorporate her personality, a sense of humour, a taste/feel of Africa, and a creative critical thinking of the human health lifestyle.

From 2014, she started writing Health and Medical articles for the four top rated national newspapers in Cameroon namely: The Post, Times Journal, Eden and The Monitor. In addition, she writes for a Ghanaian news/magazine/publisher – Awake Africa. Her write-ups are so educative, inspiring, creative, and unique, and have received positive response from people across the globe. She has written and published over 20 health articles online and on newspapers.

She published my poems namely: – The taste of Africa, Fall in love with yourself , The Gift, My Cameroon, I am not just a woman I am human.

She was awarded by Avance Media and partners, The 2016 Most Influential Young Cameroonian in the Business Category. In addition, she was number 8 in the final ranking for The 2016 Most Influential Young Cameroonian.

Her lifestyle personifies the saying ‘Train Your Mind And Your Body Will Follow’.

In 2017 Africa Youth Awards named her among the 100 Most Influential Young Africans, an initiative instituted to promote African youth movements and achieving and also restoring excellence in the works of young people across Africa