As African youth we have to defend, work, maintain and shape an African society that can become sustainable. To achieve this we must access the untapped potential of African Youth because Africa is you and I!

As the Africa Youth Awards recognises the champions of a new Africa, initiatives such as this remind us that we must play our part in influencing our future.

New Africa – The Untapped Potential of African Youth

We all have the potential to take part in the evolution of Africa by putting our ideas into Action. The potential of African youth is unparalleled. Africa’s young generation’s biggest assets are new ideas and the capability to translate them into meaningful Actions. We must develop the mentality that a continent that produces from within can create long-term sustainability and stability, which results in transformation and fundamental changes in society.

Lets make our land productive, plant food, and plant trees for a sustainable and greener future. African youth are some of the most creative and resourceful in the world. Lets use these skills to build our future. All youth, it is our duty to lead the way and build the path for tomorrow.

As an African youth today, it is important to promote the great work that you do. Get a platform and broadcast your views, and follow this up with action.

Together we can build and transform Africa to be a continent of substance, and as the Africa Youth Awards crowns and appreciates efforts of young champions of a New Africa we can all share and relate to their success stories.

Discover the talents you have as a young African, always seek to learn and equip yourself with relevant skills to enable you to continuously improve, and therefore add value to your community.

Potential of African Youth

If you are a young person in your Village wanting to engage in agriculture, thinking of burning the bush, till the land, plant maize and wait for the harvest – consider making flour from the results of your labor to feed you and your community. Keeping food in Africa is not only an asset but places us in a position to feed the world and ourselves. Think of the bigger picture and process your harvest to sell competitively. Embrace new technology systems, ways of working and shifts in culture that can help break boundaries. Always move forward and look for new territory

The future is Africa. Something magical is happening in Africa. With smartphone prices plummeting, with ever affordable, and fast, mobile data and with increasingly user-friendly services, tech has taken off in Africa. Africa is the fastest growing economic and population region of the world. Rich in culture and amazing traditions accompanied with an honest spirit of hospitality. Therefore, as youth of Africa we need to play a big role in shaping this continent to be a continent of substance.

With vast untapped mineral resources Africa proves to have the most vibrant economies of today and tomorrow. Today needs to be put into consideration and used to put into practice the ways we want Africa to be tomorrow. We can make it happen, sit back, relax and think about what we need to do to change our future. Lets put a side our cultural differences and live determined to get Africa to the next level.

As you stand on top of the Kilimanjaro or the Ruwenzori you will see paradise and a world that is great to live in because you played a part to its uplifting.

Potential of African Youth

Young people today we are the architects of our own continent’s construction, we are destined to bring about a new mode of operation. With love and power in unity we can all be great citizens contributing to social, economic, and safe political environments in our respective countries. Lets integrate our activities on the ground and work in partnership to make this happen.

With the Africa Youth Awards recognising and celebrating the efforts of others, it is helping us to realise and relate with the achievements of others and unlock our potential to bring to light a new Africa. This is new Africa.