100 Most Influential Young Africans

When we opened nominations for Africa Youth Awards 2015, we immediately noticed that stories submitted from across the world showed how Young Africans are rising to the occasion of leading and being part of the revolution sweeping across the continent.

Some may describe it as Africa rising, but young Africans have realized the power, knowledge and influence that they possess and are now living and demonstrating their true purpose in preparation of who they want to become and where they want their continent to be.

As we embark on unearthing hardworking young individuals annually for the annual Africa Youth Awards, we are eager to tell the world more about Africa Youth Awards, African Youth and what we have achieved together.

Young Africans are now leading conglomerates, government ministries and agencies, political parties, NGOs, civil society and large industries.

With this in mind we present to you our new initiative – The annual 100 Most Influential Young Africans.

Nominate a Young Influential African Today


To be eligible to win an award for 100 Most Influential Young Africans; applicants must:

  • Be 40 Years or Below
  • Be of African Descent (and working to support Africa)
  • Show leadership, innovation, creativity, and/or entrepreneurship intheir nominated category.
  • No specific educational or academic background is required for nomination.

Nominating an Influential Young African

  • Specify the award for which the candidate is being nominated Include background information and highlight any previous awards received and accomplishments that are relevant to the awards.
  • Explain in detail why the candidate deserves the award. Please give detailed examples of the activities, programs, etc. the candidate is involved in and provide specific information that supports why you are nominating this person.
  • Provide websites or insight on where our reviewers can gather more information on the candidate.
  • Information required include: Name of Nominee, Nationality, Gender, Age, Email, Organisation, and Short Biographies.

100 Most Influential Young Africans Categories


This category is targeted at journalists and media personalities who have defied odds to propel stories of Africa across the Globe. Their work should carry a continental focused vision on leading Africans to tell their own stories whether good or bad.

Law and Governance:

This category compiles distinguished young Africans who display continental influence based on their roles in public office, politics, Law and governance. Their work should have yielded significant commendation from their benefactors.


This category is dedicated to Individuals who run successful enterprises in Africa, which are adding valuable social, economic and cultural remittances to lives and contributing towards shaping the image of the African continent.


This category throws the spotlight on diverse sports personalities who in diverse ways are contributing to the development of various sporting activities. These can be athletes, coaches or individuals directly involved in the sporting industry

Academia and Personal Development:

This category is exclusive to individuals who have excelled in various academic assignments and young Africans who have dedicated their career to training the next generation of African Leaders.

Science and Technology:

This category focused on young Africans who are leading the innovation revolution across the continent. Their products and services must be dedicated to solving either local or global problem from the African soil. They must be potential competitors in the global science, technology and innovation space.

Social Enterprise and Philanthropy:

This category is meant for young individuals leading social entrepreneurship and philanthropy activities impacting lives across the continent and their respective countries. The public on the reach of their impacts must phenomenally endorse their works and achievements.

Leadership and Civil Society:

This category involves highly recommended young individuals who are championing various activities on the continent related to advocacy, religion, civil organisations etc. They need to possess the qualities of a leader and must have achieved significant feats in their works across the continent.


This category is exclusive to a diverse group of individuals involved in entertainment. They must be continental icons that command a high level of influence not just popularity through the positive impact of their works.


This category is focused on young people who are leading the creative & lifestyle community in Africa. They are passionately setting the pace in Fashion & Arts which have become common among the populace. These personalities must be leading initiatives and organisations, which are addressing problems in their communities and have potentials for global expansion, adoption and recognition.