1. 100 Most Influential Young Africans – 2016


Founder & CEO, JARDS Products

Rosebill Satha is the founder and manager of JARDS Products, an innovative social business that produces unique, eco-friendly bamboo products while empowering youth and women through job skills development and stable employment.

Satha is also a trainer for the International Labor Organization’s Women Entrepreneurship Development & Gender Equality Program, where she trains government and business association representatives, women entrepreneurs and others on the importance of gender equality and equity in relation to providing business development services.

Rosebill Satha is also the Executive Director of the Malawi Tourism Council .Upon return to Malawi, Satha focused her work on identifying female operated businesses and linking them with professionals who assisted in strengthening weak areas of their business and monitored their growth.

In 2016 Africa Youth Awards named her among the Inaugural 100 Most Influential Young Africans, an initiative instituted to promote African youth movements and achieving and also restoring excellence in the works of young people across Africa.