Director, GhanaThink Foundation 
2018 Africa Youth Awards Winner
African Youth Of the Year (MALE)

Ato Ulzen-Appiah is a consultant, (social) entrepreneur, manager, social media champion and blogger. He hails from Elmina, grew up in Kumasi and lives in Accra. A notable alumni of Presec, he studied at MIT for his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and had his Master’s degree at Stanford in construction and engineering management.

He’s the director at the GhanaThink Foundation which mobilizes and organizes talent for the primary benefit of Ghana. GhanaThink, since its inception, has given birth to Kasahorow and Museke. It currently runs the Barcamp Ghana program (82 events since 2008) from which the Junior Camp Ghana program was created (34 events since 2013). Through GhanaThink, he also initiated National Volunteer Day in 2013, which is now part of the Ghana Volunteer Program.

He’s a member of the Global Shapers Alumni, part of the World Economic Forum community, which organizes the Accra Discourse. He speaks at multiple events in Ghana and abroad, sharing his insight and experience on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to engineering and entertainment. He has spoken at events like the World Economic Forum on Africa, the Harvard African Business Conference, Pivot East and the Africa Youth For Results platform.

He worked at Rancard as product manager building new revenue services off its platform, in charge of payments and content hosting. He oversaw the building of the Intel Explore & Learn platform and the building of the African Leadership Network gathering application. He worked at Google as a program manager building sustainable tech communities in Africa, overseeing scores of tech events around the continent.

He has consulted for and at various organizations. He worked on the Youth Employment Inventory Report as part of a World Bank study in Ghana. He has also mentored and coached Cocoa Sika and Vocoa as part of the International Trade Centre’s Chocothon program.

He co-founded -an African music website, with a focus of lyrics and has been called the ‘African Music Bible’. Through Museke, he organized 2 African music awards and the website had content from over 45 African countries.

One of Ghana’s top bloggers, he blogs about personal experiences and things of interest at He’s very passionate about Ghana and Africa. He exhibits this through social media greatly, having started the #233moments and #IMGBT trends, the latter of which stands for “”I Made Ghana Better Today””. ”