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2019 100 Most Influential Young Africans Announced

In recognition of their works which has impacted lives across the continent, Africa Youth Awards has announced 100 young Africans

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Profiles: 2019 100 Most Influential Young Africans

In recognition of their works which has impacted lives

  • Elizabeth Ntonjira (Kenya)

Elizabeth Ntonjira (Kenya)


Communications Manager, IBM, West, Eastern & Central Africa
2018 Africa Youth Awards Winner
Leaders of

  • Ato Ulzen-Appiah (Ghana)

Ato Ulzen-Appiah (Ghana)

Director, GhanaThink Foundation 
2018 Africa Youth Awards Winner
African Youth Of the Year (MALE)


What People Are Saying

“The Africa Youth Awards is timely. The formal acknowledgement of our deeds is clearly been beyond normal expectations.The impact of this Award is huge communication component! Recognizing people for their good work sends an extremely powerful message to the recipient, their work team and other employees through the grapevine and formal communication channels. That the rest of Africa and the world will hear your story is great news to someone like me who wants to be a global solution.”
Sara Nana Yeboah
“ The Africa Youth Awards is a Timely Tool that will effectively Motivate and Encourage Africa’s Young Visionaries to Dream More. Young people need recognition and appreciation of their efforts. So this is a Master Peace of a Project that will stand the Test of Time. All well meaning Africans should support this Noble cause. ”
Grandson Shipangula
“Africa Youth Awards is a perfect opportunity to recognize outstanding youth and motivate them further to continue putting Africa on the global platform. Africa Youth Awards is unique in the sense that it scrutinizes and awards genuine individuals whose work is evident to the rest of Africans. ”
Diphus N'geny
“I think it is a nice initiative that will go a long way to encourage the young Africans doing their best to retell the story of Africa to move on. Though I believe most in self motivation, I’m sure the external one also counts a lot and the Africa Youth Award by only recognising our efforts is enough drive.”
Divine Kpe
Africa Youth Awards is a great platform to inspire young people to reach out and achieve more.
ALbert Kusi
I love ventures that target and celebrate the progressive and innovative work that Africans are doing. I believe anything done with consistency, passion, and progressive direction has the potential to create a lasting impact, and this is what the Africa Youth Awards is doing.
Gloria Silas Mangi